Posted by: chibotaichi | May 28, 2016

Feng Shui

Waddup Blogosphere?

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I’ve been thumbing through a book on Feng Shui while reorganizing and rearranging my little living Space, and it’s pretty interesting.

Of course, there is the tricky  situation of striking the right balance between preference and possible, between blind-belief and sensible (or as I like to say, sensical) acceptance.

That’s always the catch, man…

Matters of Faith…

When it comes to placebo, you better believe as hard as you can, or you’ll see no benefit at all. I’m prone to believing anything for a minute as a philosophical semi-responsibility (my degree tells me I have responsibilities), and I do tend to carry a general belief in most of the perspectives I’ve encountered, but a lot of half-beliefs don’t strike me as being all that effective. And frankly, buying all the way in to so many different, and decidedly nuanced, ways of looking at Reality is complicated and exhausting.

However, when we find the perspectives and ways-of-looking that resonate the strongest, or the specific details of different philosophies that seem to serve us well, things can be made more simple.

I’ve had a very ambivalent interest in feng shui for a pretty long time, but only recently have bothered to try implementing these principles into my life. Whether or not I will soon see a boost in my career prospects or a surge of new income, at the very least I have managed to get rid of some things that weren’t serving me well, and bring more functionality to my environment.

Nonsense or not, it seems to work.



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