Posted by: chibotaichi | March 30, 2017

But There Is A Glass…

I’m a Pessimist. I used to embrace and play on that fact readily.

Then I fell into the trap of the PositiveThinking movement.

Not that I would actually discredit or even disagree with their philosophy, it’s just that my Thoughts are largely wired the other way.

On plenty of occaisons I have embraced a positive expectation or intention and found that Things transpired favorably, but underneath those conscious decisions there has typically been a subtle glass-half-empty filter operating.

So what kind of balance can be achieved here? 

Cormac McCarthy has been quoted as saying “I’m a pessimist, but that’s no reason to be gloomy” and when I heard this insight I immediately recognized my mental disposition.

I’ve been describing myself as Optimistically-Cautious lately. 

Caution has long been a companion of mine and has served me very well despite the social-media onslaught suggesting that this tendency, which has likely saved my life on more than just a few occaisons, needs to be banished if I am to succeed in this world.

I am not about to abandon the Realism that has guided me safely through some pretty interesting episodes, but I am not allowing my capacity to perceive the Why-Nots to interfere with the neutral or Optimistic forces of the universe.

I gladly invite whatever good-luck and helpful-circumstance is mine to make use of, but it feels so good to remember that the Pessimistic parts of my Mind are actually an asset, and not merely a hindrance to be overcome.


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