Posted by: chibotaichi | November 2, 2017

Note to Self

Tossing about on the surface, the Sun shines here, but relentlessly. 

Waves undulating like sheets in the Summertime.

High Energy makes sleep harder to come by. 

The Sun rises early and stays up late, drawing the days out- good to the final drop. 

So much stays the same- these cycles repeat… restlessness suggests this is a problem, but it’s not. 

It’s just the Truth.

This Truth lies at the heart of Sunrise and Sunset- their colors splashing across the sky only to be obscured by Light or Dark. 

Black and White and Grey are okay… 

what about the color?

It’s Beautiful. 

Eyes fixated, fascinated-faces follow the Magic.
The stability is both disheartening and reassuring.
The Zen of routine reveals Liberation.

It was never more than This. Just This.
There is certainly suffering then, for many reasons. 

That Wild-Freedom young hearts seek was only an illusion- 

the Freedom they recall is the one they might actually fear…
Open Ocean, no obstructions- 

but nowhere to go…

Open Road 

but no destinations…
Plodding along- 

riding the current.


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